Affordable Fast Eyes in the Water

The Deep Trekker model is the only professional level ROV that is completely independent
of shore power with a battery life lasting from 4-8 hours, depending on use.

These ROVs provide quick eyes in the water with the unit being out of the carry case
and underway in less than a minute.

As the most affordable ROV on the market, Deep Trekker ROVs make underwater observation
cheap and easy – accessible to everyone.

Welcome to Personal ROV Australia

Personal ROV Australia, specialises in high quality and innovative professional equipment.  As a customer driven company we believe in the continuous improvement of all our products and services.

Our Deep Trekker range of premium quality ROV underwater inspection systems provide exploration and investigation tools that are designed and manufactured with customer satisfaction and affordability in mind.  There is simply no more affordable, portable or easy to use ROV on the market.

The Deep Trekker buried service inspection line equipment has no parallel for quality, serviceability and affordability. Developed with the same ethos as the ROV range, it is less onerous than currently available systems while providing superior reporting capabilities.

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